About the Law Office of Jerry Reif

At the Law Office of Jerry Reif, we will help you select and implement the legal plans appropriate for your unique estate planning objectives, which may require techniques ranging from traditional to state-of-the-art. The Medical Arts provide an excellent analogy to our fundamental practice philosophy. We first seek to do no harm. In other words, if your existing legal plan is appropriate for your unique objectives, then we will tell you so. However, if your existing legal plan is inappropriate for your unique objectives or you have no legal plan, then we believe in using the least amount of legal medicine necessary to effect those objectives.

Advantages of Working with the Law Office of Jerry Reif

Jerry Reif is a Recipient of the Probate and Estate Planning Certificate of Completion from the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) and the Probate & Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan.

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