"I would like to express my feelings for Jerry Reif and his secretary Vicky. When I attended one of his workshops, I realized then that it was time for me to do some planning. He has helped me out immensely by setting up a plan that is advantageous for me, my family and my business, which is farming. Before he did that, I thought I was all set and everything was fine. However, he presented the necessary paperwork and explained why that plan would be more beneficial to me. I feel so much more at ease knowing I now have all my "ducks in a row."

Jerry has an extensive knowledge about farming and agriculture. He can relate to farmers and has a down to earth personality, making it easy to talk with and feel trustful of him.

He was thorough and answered any and every question I asked. He even took the time to personally answer my questions over the phone whenever I contacted him. Jerry's fee charges are reasonable and not outrageous, compared to other attorney.

His secretary, Vicky, is very dedicated and does exceptional work. She has spent many hours helping sort things out and get my papers in order. She always has a smile on her face and makes a person feel comfortable.

I highly recommend the services of Jerry Reif and know that one would be impressed with his business ethics."

- E.M.
Saginaw, Michigan